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PopUp Window No Border

PopUp Window No Border
I’ve been asked how do I make my popup windows not have all those extra borders around the video’s or images.
Well it’s very simple & I will provide you with the code needed to do so. First we need to create a html page that will only contain our video or image, then where the < BODY > tag is we need to replace that one tag with the tag you see below.

Ok now on another html page we then create a link to a popup window, you can do this in many ways using freeware or commercial products. Or use my code that I use below.

Here is a Live example using a image rather then text for my PopUp Window Example.
PopUp Example

3 comments on “PopUp Window No Border

  1. Although I appreciate your taking the time to put this down, it’s just fucking bloody useless isn’t it? You didn’t answer the question – how to get rid of everything around the popup, like the browser borders (aka chrome).

  2. hello there , i hope you can help with this code , i need to make a button onclick opena new window without border , i mean without border like this , look here : now i will hit that green button
    look which window will come
    i now , it’s very advanced i don’t need it like that because it’s very big , i just need like it a small one and i want to write there a little bit :) thanks

  3. The code I provided in the link have a 0 pixel padding amount which does not add to the sides of the image or video, but you could also use border=”0″ as well.

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